The New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network (NBSPRN) is proud to announce the third annual NB Policy Research Forum that will be held in the Moncton region, on April 24th and 25th, 2017.  Hosted in partnership by NBSPRN, and the Government of New Brunswick’s Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, the Forum is an important occasion to highlight applied research and showcase collaborative models of evidence-based policy development. It also offers New Brunswick researchers the opportunity to mobilize their research knowledge, to network and connect with an audience that includes senior policymakers, civil servants, fellow researchers, and administrative representatives from the province’s four universities, community colleges, community organizations and the business community.

In April 2015, NBSPRN celebrated its fifth anniversary with the launch of the first Forum as an opportunity to highlight the important work of its members. That year, presentations from researchers, government departments and community organizations were offered with a broad focus on areas of social and economic policy in New Brunswick. The following year, the Forum featured work that focused on higher education, employment and skills development and population growth to name a few.

This year, the 2017 NB Policy Research Forum will offer presentations with a particular emphasis on the social determinants of health.  Abstracts can report on completed work (research/projects/policy reports/ case studies) or works in progress and are welcomed from individual researchers or a representative from a collaborative research or project team including community organizations, government departments or the business sector until the end of February (see Call for Submissions).  They will be reviewed by a panel of researchers and community experts.  The day will also include a keynote presentation by a leader in the field and champion of collaborative models of evidence-based policy development and knowledge mobilization.  

Planning for the 2017 NB Policy Research Forum is underway. For more information, please connect with Research Coordinator Sasha Wood at sasha.wood@rrps-nb-sprn.ca or visit our website www.rrps-nb-sprn.ca.