Michelina Mancuso is the Executive Director of Performance Measurement for the New Brunswick Health Council.  She has worked with health promotion, patient safety and population health outcomes for the past 30 years. She was a faculty member of Dalhousie University Department of Family Medicine, is a Research Associate for University of New Brunswick (NB) and Centre de Formation Médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick. She sits on Expert Advisory Committees for CIHI, Accreditation Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada. She has held positions as Manager of Research Services and Regional Director of Addiction Services.  She holds a degree in Physiotherapy from McGill University and 2 Masters Degrees, one in Science and the other in Business Administration. She had led the development of the Population Health Snapshot for NB, the Health System Report Card, the Child and Youth Rights and Well-being Framework. She has also co-authored and assisted in numerous research studies, reports and quality improvement projects and poster presentations as well as collaborated on a book by Richard Saillant called Over the Cliff? Acting Now to Avoid New Brunswick’s Bankruptcy. She is most proud of her community work and climbing interesting mountains around the world.